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1"Athens, my city!"  228  254AndyRG   Athens
2"My trap!"  99  221mindcrime   Athens
3"Athens is full of Archaeological sights & History"  115  355greekcypriot    Greece
4"Athina mou..."  83  131Lilasel   Annemasse
5"ATHENS"  82  92STRATOS79   Sydney
6"Athens afterwords"  45  173Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
7"The Beginning... UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!"  39  45Jmill42  Austin
8"Poetry for Athena"  34  84janetanne  Athens
9"A brand new old story"  70  118athenian80  Rafina
10"Athens, a divine city"  62  167Pieter11  Roosendaal
11"Athens"  36  130Jim_Eliason   Grand Prairie
12"THE CITY OF THE PAST AND THE PRESENT"  43  42lina112  Málaga
13"Athenian sunny Sundays"  29  42Aggeliki  Athens
14"Contrasts"  25  61xaver  Porto Recanati
15"Athens as I have seen it"  72  76SirRichard  Madrid
16"Ancient jewels set within a concrete sea."  36  200leics  Leicester
17"Where time has so many meanings"  26  35Sharon  Tel Aviv District
18"Athens, a city of many charms"  31  36OiKnow  Arlington
19"Worshipped by the gods-ATHENS!"  20  60mallyak  Sydney
20"ATHENS: The city of the goddess Athina"  59  60Pakistaniguy  London
21"Athens"  22  21sinequanon  Athens
22"From the beginning............"  56  60Kodi01  Dallas
23"ATHENS 38 YEARS LATER"  19  112LoriPori  Windsor
24"Paul2001's Athens Page"  22  42Paul2001  Toronto
25"Sharrie's Athens Spirit"  73  74Sharrie  Hong Kong
26"Athens"  19  44littlesam1  Baltimore
27"Acropolis Now!"  22  63johngayton  Lundy Island
28"ATHENS"  28  45mardaska  Athens
29"Athens, mixture of ancient and modern times"  21  30belgrade03  Belgrade
30"Dogville"  30  43OrlandoBR  São Paulo
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