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1"One day trip to white Kavala"  16  17prleprle   Novi Sad
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3"Beauty by the Sea"  6  20mikey_e   Ottawa
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5""Cause traveling is a piece of magic!""  4  2Thanos_gr   Kavala
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7"Kavala"  4  2miman  Novi Sad
8"[NO TITLE]"  1StergiosGreece  World
9" Under construction - come back later pls."  2  5Jenniflower  Greater London
10"[NO TITLE]"  1anestisapart  Kavala
11"GeorgiosX's new Kavala Page"  6  10GeorgiosX  Thessaloniki
12"Kavala"  17  40StefanosS  City of Manila
13"yakacik's new Kavala Page"  3  1yakacik  Istanbul
14"KAVALA"  15  11Christianne  Athens