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1"1st Day in Greece!"  9  42angiebabe    Xi'an
2"Corinth Canal on the way to Argolida"  6  33Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
3"Passage to Peloponese"  6  21mindcrime    Athens
4"Corinth, an isthmus and a canal."  5  5JLBG   Grenoble
5"Corinth, gateway to the Peloponnesos"  4  28Pieter11   Roosendaal
6"Korinthus"  4  5Heniko  Hungary
7"Corinth"  3  21amsterdam_vallon  Lethbridge
8"Korinth/Corinth"  3  9painterdave  Padova
9"Corinth"  3  6janetanne  Athens
10"Ou pantos plein..."  3  7Yank_o  Corinth
11"[NO TITLE]"  2  5ChristinaIliadis  World
12"CORINTH CANAL"  1  6travelgourmet   Westlake Village
13"Corinth"  1  1grkboiler  Pereira
14"Corinth"  1  3JessieLang  Spokane
15"History came alive"  1etfromnc  Matthews
16"Just a town"  2  Warsaw
17"How difficult to make a little cut to our Earth"  1  3lichinga  Torino