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1"Browsing Lesvos: piku's memory card"  26  63pikuu   Krakow
2"Lesvos - in the Aegean sea"  18  39Maline   Sweden
3"Most colorful island of Greece"  14  29fassolia   Alexandroupolis
4"Lesvos island"  7  9StefanosS   City of Manila
5"Lesbos"  11  7lizcrtz   The Hague
6"Lesvos"  6  8Ben-UK  Manchester
7"Lesvos by Marianna"  12  13mardaska  Athens
8"Lesvos -Lesbos"  12  32loreli  Netherlands
9"[NO TITLE]"  6  5susaicha  Amsterdam
10""Unwind in Lesvos""  3  6Sharman  Hyde
11"My University land"  5  3GeoDenia  Thessaloniki
12"Molyvos - the most beautiful village"  11  19Tracyden  Manchester
13"Holidays with Sappho"  1  5eMGeographer  Poland
14"Skala Erressos, Lesvos, Greece"  1  1michelea  Amsterdam
15"[NO TITLE]"  2  1ingec2000  Boom
16"[NO TITLE]"  1mdarcan  Istanbul
17"The Island of the Poets and the Olive Trees"  63  64dimilag  Thessaloniki
18"Lesbos Island"  2  2yoshimi  Grenoble