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1"Nafplio, a dream-like place..."  21  8siaki68   Nafplio
2"The Romance of Peloponessos!"  16  21Lilasel   Annemasse
3"Simply Unforgettable....."  24  3anpe   Nafplio
4"Medieval town by the coast"  21  26BorneoGrrl   Malaysia
5"Nafplio - a city with three fortresses"  10  71Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
6"4 days in Nafplio"  12  30sunshine9689  San Francisco
8"Sharrie's Nafplio Mini-Exploration"  17  18Sharrie  Hong Kong
9"One of the most beautiful towns..."  12  14AndyRG  Athens
10"The Capital of Charm"  8  19goga4444  Republic of Serbia
11"Greece's Ancient Capital....."  4  17nickandchris  Dalton in Furness
12"Nafplio with Ivan"  5  6mardaska  Athens
13"Summer or winter, it's perfect!"  7  8maraike  Athens
14"Nafplio - the days of the storm"  3  5Spincat  London
15"Sea Side Small Town--Nafplion"  3  11painterdave  Padova
16"This used to be the capital"  7  Warsaw
17"Nafplio"  3  9JessieLang  Spokane
18"Nafplio, first capital of modern Greece"  5  10Aitana  Alicante
19"Pure Blues and Warm Ochres"  16  17gigi45  Montreal
20"The Lovely little town of Napflio"  7  7amsterdam_vallon  Lethbridge
21"Nafplio-pearl of the peloponese"  2  1Ruai  Dublin
22"[NO TITLE]"  2  1allouc  Nicosia
23"Nafplio City"  1  4Purressence  Athens
24"Summer - July 2008"  3  6Svetlana_L  Moscow
25"[NO TITLE]"  2  7dorkthethird  Scranton
26"[NO TITLE]"  2  4mishgreek  Manila
27"NAFPLIO"  30  32Christianne  Athens
28"The Venice of Greece=Nafplio"  2  8bebegringa26  Silver Spring
29"We Passed Through Nafplio"  3  10hquittner  New Orleans
30"Nafplio"  2  5Joseph69  Sydney
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