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1"The Capital of Cyprus - twice..."  37  39easyoar   Reading
2"Nicosia ~ The last divided city"  31  64Loubna   Doha
3"The Last Divided City on Earth"  23  39Profsmiley   Nicosia
4" NICOSIA"  23  83greekcypriot   Greece
5"NICOSIA, Old Houses, Narrow Streets and History"  10  13Arkeolog   Istanbul
6"A city cut in half."  9  41leics  Leicester
7"Home"  8  6allouc  Nicosia
8"Nicosia - The last divided capital of Europe"  17  8gigina  Malta
9"The World's Last Divided Capital"  11  32antistar  Frankfurt am Main
10"Nicosia - joining a city of two halves?"  17  18cheekymarieh  Billingham-on-Tees
11"THE LAST DIVIDED CAPITAL"  14  26call_me_rhia  Europe
12"A home away from home"  4  6anna-m  Nis
13"[NO TITLE]"  2  5om_212  Kiev
14"The worlds last divided city"  7  30stevemt  Brisbane
15"Lefkosia"  4  5Stavris  Nicosia
16"Lefkosia, between the "Green Line""  5  6Aggeliki  Athens
17"Nicosia: South and North"  4  25thelittlevoice  Bangkok
18"tvdm's News on Nice Nicosia"  7  6tvdm  Amsterdam
19"[NO TITLE]"  1michaell68  World
20"Divided City of Nicosia"  15  18alectrevor  York
21"[NO TITLE]"  2  6mickeyboy07  Stalybridge
22"2004: the year of Change...."  1  2Yiannis2000  Europe
23"[NO TITLE]"  1  1GeorgeGee  London
24""Logistic" section of my end-of-mission report"  7carolerica  Paris
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  5WanderingFinn  Helsinki
26"Nicosia - my love!!!"  5  1samanthacy  World
27"WELCOME TO MY NICOSIA"  9  12erendilight  Istanbul Ili
28"Nicosia"  15  41Avieira67  Ponta Delgada
29"GREEK PART OF THE ISLAND"  2  5gusgom  Valencia
30"cyrilim's Cyprus page"  3cyrilim  Lebanon
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