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1"AFRICA - LAND OF HISTORY & FRIENDSHIP"  406  3417DAO    Wakefield
2"[NO TITLE]"  213  402Wafro   Yokadouma
3"Africa"  103  137johnsakura   Ouarzazate
4"Africa, a never ending lovestory !"  72  375sachara   Emmen
5"My private Africa"  49  52SirRichard   Madrid
6"Africa the oldest Continent"  30  31dr.firas  Como
7"Africa - The Adventure Continent"  31  51MikeAtSea  Durban
8"AFRICA Pulls You In. Refuses To Let Go!"  66  77safardreams  Rhode Island
9"Africa , a colourfull continent"  17  60tompt  Noordeinde
10"Africa Off beat track: in my country Madagascar"  32  74Norali  Antananarivo
11"African Smiles"  11  53Zanzibargirl  Newcastle
12"AFRICA dynamic, adventurous, challenging, S*#<y ?"  14  45kenHuocj  Ottawa
13"Africa - a continent to be explored"  8  25Luchonda  Gent
14"Mysterious Africa..."  22  19aliante1981  London
15"Into Africa!"  9  9angiebabe  Xi'an
16"AFRICA"  5  6Braveheart.southafrr  Pretoria
17"I love Africa"  22  165georeiser  Oslo
18"Africa"  5  7traveldave  West Virginia
19"The Africa Experience"  17  51tampa_shawn  San Diego
20"Nairobi"  3  3Docu2001  Cologne
21"The Continent of Adventures"  2  13csordila  Budapest
22"A vast continent"  2  19Rusket  Drangedal
23"Such a diverse continent!!"  2  3nepalgoods  Hamburg
24"The Cheese Continent"  4  12muguruki   Wales
25"Africa"  31  34o00o  Tokyo
26"Three months in Southern Africa"  1  6Travmad  Pennsylvania
27"A Journey of the Heart. A Labor of Love."  1  3Geisha_Girl  Le Soul
28"Africa"  1  4grayfo   Royal Leamington Spa
29"Cameroon:Africa in Miniature"  2amouramio  Douala
30"Aadil's Eclipse Trip To Africa"  1  1aadil   Mumbai
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