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1"Afghanistan, Where I work"  26  30JuanGaitan   Spain
2"A Hopeful Future"  16  30Jacquelynn   Florida
3"Canuckmike Finally Makes it to Afghanistan."  12  22canuckmike   Edmonton
4"Kabul, Jalalabad, Herat, Kunduz,Bamiyan,Mazar"  8  41Penelope4   Vienna
5"Incredible Afghanistan..."  8  26janchan   Rome
6"Afghanistan after the Taliban"  9  9Claus_Qvist  Silkeborg
7"Many guns and loads of smiles..."  10  75husain  Delhi
8"Afghanistan - 2003"  14  16Wakhan  Reims
9"A work in progress"  1  1basrah  Edmonton
10"WELCOME TO AFGHANISTAN !!"  9  28Narviking  Narvik
11"[NO TITLE]"  1gksess  Angleton
12"AFGHANISTAN - LAND OF MARTYRS"  15  18Natalia_Paris  New York City
13"Three attempts to reach the Bamyan Buddha statues"  2  3jorgejuansanchez  Hospitalet
14"Khyber to Kabul"  10  13Kanjoo  Bloemfontein
15"A Brief history and current state of affairs"  6  4Badger23  Augusta
16"Fragile Afghanistan"  3  2jkseddon  London
17"Short Note about Afghanistan"  8  1pazu  Lhasa
18"Visit Afghanistan!"  2  2shemsuddin  Afghanistan
19"smartfrank's Afghanistan Page"  9  7smartfrank  Beijing
20"[NO TITLE]"  1imranthetrekker  Chitral
21"Afghanistan!"  1yuet29  Penang
22"Afghanistan"  2  4AV8TOR  Ohio
23"White Dawn"  4baris1980  Turkey
24"Ally Borwick"  4  3allyborwick  Jacksonville
25"settling unfinished business..."  9grunberg  Paris
26"AFGHANISTAN."  20  27AliJoe  Malaysia
27"daddygila's new Afghanistan page"  2  17daddygila  Mount Kisco
28"DesertRat's new Afghanistan page"  1  2DesertRat  Oman