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1"PLITVICKA JEZERA"  72  307croisbeauty   Zagreb
3"Plitvicka National Park, pure beauty"  28  44Martin_S.   Arad
4"P L I T V I C E"  24  15Aurorae   Belgrade
5"Plitvice - water wonders"  31  39codrutz   Bucharest
6"An Amazing Paradise In Croatia..."  35  43coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
7"Great Park"  14  15Imbi  London
8"Plitvice Lakes & Waterfalls - A National Treasure"  11  41Mikebb  Perth
9"Plitvice Lakes - UNESCO Natural Heritage"  13  12Nykaenen  Samobor
10"formally known as plitvice lakes national park"  8  14call_me_rhia  Europe
11"Plitvicka Jezera National Park"  10  30Redang  Madrid
12"Spectacular and Unique Lakes"  6  4travelmad478  Delaware
13"work of water in myriads of forms"  8  28picek  Slovenia
14"Plitvice and its gorgeous fishes"  6  9IngaA  Kiev
15"Waterfall Wonderland!!!!"  6  12chrissyalex  New York State
16"Plitvice National Park- A wonderful adventure"  13  14Venturingnow  Tampa
17"The most popular Croatian national park - Plitvice"  2  13Gligoroff  Podgorica
18"Paradise on Earth"  5  6adema29  Brasov
19"The most magnificent chalk barrier lakes!"  2  8FRONA  Zagreb
20"You have to go!"  2  11bicycle_girl  Port Moody
21"Emerald Blue Lakes"  5  24monkeytrousers  Oxford
22"[NO TITLE]"  2  4Valdivana  Croatia
23"Beautiful national park in Croatia"  8  5deeper_blue  Manchester
24"Wonderful Nature: Plitvicka"  1  6alpi  Istanbul
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  5sabsi  Düsseldorf
26"Plitvicka Lakes National Park"  2  49Bregman  Tel Aviv-Yafo
27"[NO TITLE]"  1ramot418  Jerusalem
28"Plitvicka Jezera"  2  13blanter  Delft
29"Plitvicka Jezera - The green Paradise"  1  8kia81  Bergamo
30"Plitvice"  1  2kristofor  Rab
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