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1"Pula, second to Rome for its arena !"  116  119JLBG   Grenoble
2"PULA - the place where I was grown-up"  76  250croisbeauty   Zagreb
3"City is Older Than Dirt"  30  112BruceDunning   Huntsville
4"Pula my home town"  21  22montezaro   Pula
5"Pula Has a Lot to Offer"  13  31Ekaterinburg   Cork
6"A Nice Town..."  23  34coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
7"A Roman Treasure"  9  16mikey_e  Ottawa
8"PULA"  15  33alyf1961  Leeds
9"Pula"  9  19solopes  Turquel
10"Tip of Istrian Peninsula"  8  16Skeptic-jr  Krakow
11"Pula"  12  27Redang  Madrid
12"Pula"  3  6smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
13"Pula and South Istria"  4  7blumia  Mosbach
14"Roman ampitheatre in Pula!"  2  2angiebabe  Xi'an
15"Magical Pula"  2  5Rabac4ever  Malta
16"[NO TITLE]"  4  4lil_traveller  Edmonton
17"Home Away From Home"  7  8wandernaut  Perth
18"BEATIFUL PULA"  6  7Ivana5  Sombor
19"Pula- A few nice sights, and good ice cream"  7  8Venturingnow  Tampa
20"Pula Istria Croatia."  12  26alectrevor   York
21"There is a much wider, friendly atmosphere."  9  36shavy  Ieper
22"My "ISTRA" page (aka.Istria)"  11  19Anita_Porec  Burlington
23"The beautiful roman colloseum"  18  19codrutz  Bucharest
24"Pula Page"  6  25egonwegh  Nijmegen
25"[NO TITLE]"  1BridgetC  World
26"Pula- Paradise on Earth!"  7  7randm1  Maine
27"Svenko's new Istria Page"  18  19svenko  Zagreb
28"[NO TITLE]"  1SamGore  Pula
29"Pula"  2  5jglsongs  New York City
30"Pula"  1  6Vanity666  Didcot
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