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1"The Pearl of Northern Croatia"  36  69diocletianvs   Zagreb
2"VARAZDIN - The Baroque city"  41  138croisbeauty    Zagreb
3"Varazdin, city of the north"  16  23Martin_S.   Arad
4"Varaždin"  12  33Redang   Madrid
5"Varazdin"  4  11IvaT   Varazdin
6"Welcome to the Town of Croatian Baroque !"  10  12IngaA  Kiev
7"The Sampsons in Varazdin"  6  8Nykaenen  Samobor
8"Trips to Varazdin"  3  23picek  Slovenia
9"[NO TITLE]"  1  1MedioLatino  Budapest
10"[NO TITLE]"  1rfresno  World
11"Did you know: this was Croatian capital..."  3  7ana.gsm  Cakovec
12"Former capital of Croatia"  4  14josephescu  Bucharest
13"VARAZDIN nice small and historic city"  7  9lorgnierl  Bordeaux