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1"Autumn in Old NESSEBAR"  31  86timada   Constanta
2"Nessebar , My Favorite place on the Black Sea"  41  67desert_princess   Innsbruck
3"Mixing of Cultures"  17  9ilko4002   Wallkill
4"Nessebar"  17  69Childish   Sofia
5"Nesebar"  10  13bijo69   Berlin
6"Nesebur (Bulgaria)"  13  25Fen  London
7"A Town - Museum"  29  69viddra  Kikinda
8"World heritage town by the sea."  4  10cachaseiro  Denmark
9"The pearl of the Black Sea"  8  9anna-m  Nis
10"Nessebar, Bulgaria"  5  19SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
11"Nesebar - one of the oldest towns in Europe"  5  7Ivo_K  Sofia
12"BEAUTIFUL OLD TOWN"  10  12novsco61  Ljubljana
13"Not Looking Its Picture Postcard Best In January.."  12  45johngayton  Lundy Island
14"The Sunny City!"  6  9pretty33555  Cologne
15"A beautiful place by the Black Sea"  2  5Stine620  Oslo
16"Nesebur: One of Europe's oldest towns"  8  10keeper7  New York City
17"Welcome My Nesebar Web Page"  8  24iavormar  Steyr
18"Nessebar"  1  7Linse  Copenhagen
19"NESSEBAR"  2  13jani79  Europe
20"Day trips to Nesebar"  5  14Sininen  Lahti
21"Nesebar"  2  3DeYo  Pozarevac
22"Jimmytravel's new Nesebur Page"  2  2Jimmytravel  Trondheim
23"Old and New"  7  8Nikolay_Ivanov  Olesnica
24"[NO TITLE]"  1tamisar  Zagreb
25"Nesebur"  2  3onecut  Bolton
26"supermarek's Nesebur Page"  4  1supermarek  Berlin
27"lorigirl's new Nesebur Page"  4  5lorigirl  Moscow
28"Nobbe's new Nesebur Page"  14  15Nobbe  Sweden