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1"Rostock - Resurrection of Hanseatic Glory"  31  139Kathrin_E    Karlsruhe
2"The Pearl of the North - Hansestadt Rostock"  23  43Mariajoy   East Sussex
3"Rostock revisited"  12  22Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
4"Rostock, Germany"  6  8starship   United States of America
5"sight seeing and shoe shopping....."  4  5chancay   Hannover
6"Rostock: Lovely Old Town"  7  9nepalgoods  Hamburg
7"Two nights in Rostock"  9  31bonio  Rowell
8"Rostock (Gate to the Baltic Sea)"  3  13bwk_michael  Manchester
9"Hansa Stadt....."  1water1  Helsinki
10"Sun of the beach"  1  2TheView  Copenhagen
11"[NO TITLE]"  2Maria16  Leipzig
12"Rostock"  12  27pieter_jan_v   Hengelo
13"Christmas in Rostock"  10  10HyperFredde  Lund
14"Rostock"  3  5Obak81  Odense
15"Mamuang's Rostock Page"  3Mamuang  Rostock
16"Welcome to ROSTOCK"  18  33Leipzig  Dessau
17"Next stop: Helsinki"  1  2sabsi  Düsseldorf
18"Hansestadt Rostock und Ostseebad Warnemuende"  18  18Gaby_Thieme  Fryeburg