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1"My home city - European Cultural Capital for 2019"  72  166mirchica   Plovdiv
2"City on the seven hills"  71  134ger4444   Netherlands
3"Bulgaria's Second City..."  45  148johngayton   Lundy Island
4"Philippopolis"  23  78mindcrime   Athens
5"Old Town"  15  39unaS   Jerusalem
6"Plovdiv"  14  17bijo69  Berlin
7"Plovdiv, one of the oldest cities in the world."  20  34Askla  Sweden
8"Bulgaria's city of art and "fashion""  12  38ellielou  Baltimore
9"Plovdiv"  11  42ChristinaNest  Sofia
10"Nice Town With Nice Drunk People :-)"  56  65kalenderov  Sofia
11"krassimir71's new Plovdiv Page"  26  52krassimir71  Plovdiv
12"Plovdiv"  10  35stevemt  Brisbane
13"Plovdiv Bulgaria's second city"  6  34chbuchie  Antwerp
14"Plovdiv: A living Museum"  12  33keeper7  New York City
15"The second city of Bulgaria"  10  14msocolin  Buenos Aires
16"Plovdiv, Bulgaria"  4  10IreneMcKay  Hong Kong
17"Plovdiv"  10  18matza  Haifa
18"Bulgaria's second city.."  2Durfun  London
19"What's a Roman Amphitheatre Doing in Bulgaria?"  5  6sieffron  Somerville
20"Charming Plovdiv"  1  3JohnniOmani  Kampala
21"Plovdiv"  2  12julia79  Sofia
22"Plovdiv Bulgarias 2nd largest city"  7  14alectrevor  York
23"Plovdiv - the city of the hills"  2  5peter_dimov  Sofia
24"[NO TITLE]"  1  5edith626  Tucson
25"interesting"  2Linse  Copenhagen
26"My second home"  1  5Eeriebo  Plovdiv
27"Plovdiv"  3  7matemix  Torino
28"A place to be a bohemian"  2  6gal_flower  Plovdiv
29"PLOVDIV"  7  13wroclawiak  Wroclaw
30"Plovdiv"  1  2hekate  Sofia
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