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1"Brugge - The promise of things to come"  72  209iandsmith   Moonee Beach
2"Bruges Beyond Kitsch"  55  84bpacker   Hong Kong
3"BRUGES"  52  95Toyin   Abuja
4"Brugge"  37  113Dabs   Chicago
5"Charming just Charming"  24  86scottishvisitor   Aberdeen
6"Brugge, Venice of the North"  28  71Christophe_Ons  Leuven
7"Brugge die Schone"  75  138irisbe  Antwerp
8"Bruges ... Venice of the North"  36  52Helga67  Belgium
9"Bruges-la-Morte"  31  102Nemorino   Frankfurt am Main
10"Brugge in a nutshell"  29  69Fen  London
11"Brugge - Bruges"  37  49grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
12"Brugge - Jewel city"  24  24codrutz  Bucharest
13"Whatever?"  26  27belgianchocolate  Antwerp
14"BRUGGE --- BELGIUM'S "VENICE""  22  41LoriPori  Windsor
15"Belgian Venice"  42  69viddra  Kikinda
16"Venice Of The North"  21  24nhcram  Dover
17"Bruges - Charm and so much more!"  22  26mightywease  Maidenhead
18"Brugge more than beautiful !!!"  33  36benidormone  Antwerp
19"Medieval Beauty & Piety"  18  28rexvaughan  Decatur
20"Brugge or Bruges, called the Venice of the North."  27  62Waalewiener  Windsor
21"Digging in my memory!"  24  25ATLC  Hellevoetsluis
22"Be seduced by the most attractive blonde in Bruges"  39  243tompt  Noordeinde
23"Canals...Amazing Churches...and Lots of Tourists.."  16  38Greggor58  Ottawa
24"daytrip in Brugge"  21  76mindcrime   Athens
25"Beautiful Bruges"  22  48Imaniac  Ningbo
26"Brugge die Scone (Bruges the beautiful)"  18  25Mahieu  Belfast
27"Belgium Beauty that is Brugge"  23  35Gypsystravels  United States of America
28"How to Make the Most of Bruges in Just One Day"  13  13Ekaterinburg  Cork
29"Locking in on Enchantingly Romantic Bruges"  29  45richiecdisc  Munich
30"Beautiful Brugge"  20  26lamentforicarus  Tucson
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