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1"DAMME, my favorite!"  22  35Martinewezel   Iceland
2"Damme, the Flemish booktown"  19  28Helga67   Belgium
3"Damme - Charles de Coster"  23  66Luchonda   Gent
4"Very pretty place, Damme."  7  18leics    Leicester
5"Historical Damme"  8  37shavy    Ieper
6"Damme"  7  4Maeve_81  Lier
7"LOVELY DAMME"  6  6patrikske  Oostende
8"Damme visited, revisited, rerevisited... re re re"  3  4irisbe  Antwerp
9"The city of Tyl Uylenspieghel"  5  6myriam_c  Kalmthout
10"A Lovely Village Surrounded by Poplar-Lined Roads"  2  4King_Golo  Tuttlingen
11"One of the prettiest villages in Belgium"  4  21Beausoleil  Sacramento
12"A quelques pas de la frontière"  3  4Porteplume  Bruinisse
13"Little city near Brugge"  2  6wandeljp  Dadizele
14"Beautiful village"  1  1Museeuw  Zottegem