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1"In the neighbourhood of the born place of the Saxo"  18  31wandeljp   Dadizele
2"Dinant, river Meuse-town with an amazing setting"  15  18Pavlik_NL   Arnhem
3"Dinant: a wonderful Belgian gem"  14  50Cristian_Uluru   Italy
4"DINANT - SAX AND THE CITY"  11  31balhannah    Brisbane
5"Beautiful city on La Meuse"  11  12Mahieu   Belfast
6"Dinant"  8  11freya_heaven  Devon
7"Dinant"  5  6Martinewezel  Iceland
8"Dinant, Namur"  4  4DrewV  Downers Grove
9"Dinant, Citidal, River and caves"  7  23Martin_S.  Arad
10"DINANT"  2  5marc56  Leuven
11"Dinant"  3  4smirnofforiginal  Hertfordshire
12"Dinant"  2  4himalia11  Schupbach
13"WELCOME TO MY DINANT PAGE ......:-)"  5  6eden_teuling  Netherlands
14"Enchanting little town beside the River Meuse"  7  19pepemorris11  Singapore
15"A Worth Visiting Small Town"  9  9dimilag  Thessaloniki
16"Dinant, province Namur"  1  3violette_ca  Quebec
17"Dinant, an eagle's nest above the river Maas"  4  14myriam_c  Kalmthout
18"Bonio's trip to Dinant"  10  17bonio  Rowell
19"Dinant"  9  27DanielF  Europe
20"A pretty little town between rocks and a river"  2annase  Leeds
21"[NO TITLE]"  2MatejH  The Hague