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1"3 Weeks in Baja Sur"  15  33windsorgirl   Windsor
2"cycling in the land of the giant cactus."  7  14cachaseiro   Denmark
3"I arrived in the BJC on July 30, 2008..."  8  11PALLINA   Munich
4"Car round trip from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas"  5  15ludogatto   Bologna
5"Baja California Sur"  56  75worldtrekker   Long Island
6"Baja del Sur"  3  1luv2trvl  Kauai
7"Los Cabos"  17  25Davidp1952  Kansas City
8"BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, M E X I C O"  1  12ViajesdelMundo  Los Barriles
9"I'll never forget the trip to Mexico"  3  20awayhome  Tobago
10"A Windy January Trip"  1  4endofnight  Santa Fe
11"Los Cabos & Around"  1  4soozyd  Venice
12"Cabo and La Paz"  9  13cchiuching  Hong Kong
13"[NO TITLE]"  2daniel_okada  Amsterdam
14"SeaKayaking in Baja"  1emnesta  Nashua