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1"Is it really just the rock? Where is Labrador?"  91  110jamiesno   Goose Bay
2"Newfoundland - One of Canada's Last Frontiers"  36  120victorwkf   Serangoon
3"Newfoundland - Amazing and Unforgettable!"  14  24Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
4"Newfoundland"  15  30easterntrekker   Halifax
5"Finally we visit our last province!"  11  13Redlats   Winnipeg
6"Newfoundland"  24  36bkathryn  Ottawa
7"NewFoundLand"  6  7Del.  Youghal
8"Newfoundland - what a beautiful place ..."  9  35chinagirl  Lisbon
9"Newfoundland - Labrador"  4  6aka123  New World Island
10"newfoundland & labrador"  14  96crummey  St. John's
11"Newfoundland"  3  18Jandar  Toronto
12"Salt of the Earth"  5  4tvor  Halifax
13"The Rock!"  1  6worldcam  Toronto
14"A driving tour thru Newfoundland AND Labrador"  7  18snaab  Boston
15"Tracing The Vikings"  2  7MarieChristine  Helsinki
16"[NO TITLE]"  2  5brazwhazz  Montreal
17"Newfoundland - Home Sweet Home"  1  3jolliette  Province of Newfoundland and Labrador
18"[NO TITLE]"  1cctoot  Burtonsville