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1"Canada - So much to do, so little time"  73  72MichaelFalk1969   Frankfurt am Main
2"Canada"  56  73jamiesno   Goose Bay
3"8000 km Coast-to-Coast (5000 miles)"  45  100Bwana_Brown   Fredericton
4"Canada..... from coast to coast"  93  159sim1   Sweden
5"Canada"  45  47traveldave   West Virginia
6"Canada coast to coast tour"  21  21doreenellen  Halstead
7"PLEASURE IN CANADIAN WATERS!"  22  25RafaelTheSecond  Rio de Janeiro
8"Canada - The True North, Strong & Free? :-("  18  20rmdw  Vancouver
9"Paul's Canada Page"  14  15Paul2001  Toronto
10"My Canadian Experiences"  31  77Carmanah  Vancouver
11"Kathryn's Canada Pages"  34  60bkathryn  Ottawa
12"great all year `round"  12  20portgrl  Porto
13"MURRA's new Canada Page"  13  26MURRA  Toronto
14"Landscapes of Canada"  5  8Hosell  Benidorm
15"Ontario Highlights!"  7  31Africancrab  Sierra Vista
16"Vancouver"  6  27Rumi-fan  Sydney
17"Canada's Natural Wonders"  4  19Uncle-Kev  Wollongong
18"In Canada"  9  10may1273  Central & Eastern Thailand
19"The Zal & Fudge escapade to the Canadian Rockies"  17  23Fudge  Singapore
20"Canada, it's just that large."  4  13spitball  Vancouver
21"Overview of Canada"  13  12Redlats  Winnipeg
22"the it forgot north, also exists"  6  14ines2003  Departamento de Canelones
23"Canada"  10  26nighthawk  Ten Boer
24"Scottyj36's new Canada Page"  6  7Scottyj36  Indianapolis
25"Canada - Where I'm Proud to Live"  4  30CdnJane  Barrie
26"On being CANADIAN"  10  72kenHuocj  Ottawa
27"Randall_Burt's Crystal Beach , Marineland Ontario"  23  20Randall_Burt  Jamestown
28"tvdm's Buzz on Beautiful British Columbia"  10  8tvdm  Amsterdam
29"BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA"  10  10UScutie  Holland
30"Oh Canada!"  4  2RSM79  Canada
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