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1"NEW HAMPSHIRE ~~ a few highlights"  42  136Pawtuxet   Rhode Island
2"My Favorite State in the Eastern United States"  25  29deecat   Chicago
3"New England's Alter Ego"  29  86german_eagle   Germany
4"Getting the whole point of New Hampshire"  16  17richiecdisc   Munich
5"diver-x's New Hampshire Page"  22  26diver-x   Medford
6"Spectacular New Hampshire"  24  34Goner  Portsmouth
7"This is my Home"  11  28ElaineCatherine  New Hampshire
9"The Granite State"  22  82Helga67  Belgium
10"New Hampshire! Wimps need not apply!"  9  11Karnubawax  Novato
11"New Hampshire with Grandma"  7  26agapotravel  Richmond
12"Scenic Northern New Hampshire"  9  19bebop88  Pennsylvania
13"RhondaRuth's New Hampshire Page"  13  40RhondaRuth  Salem
14"New Hampshire, New England"  4  5Myndo  Basel
15"The Beautiful. The Misunderstood. New Hampshire"  6  21gilescorey  London
16"paulapes's new New Hampshire Page"  11  25paulapes  Rhode Island
17"The "Live Free or Die" State...."  12  48Cabana_Boy  Luanda
18"The White Mountains Region of New Hampshire"  5  16Ewingjr98  Pennsylvania
19"margaret's New Hampshire Page"  10  34margaretvn  Netherlands
20"New Hampshire"  6  8traveldave  West Virginia
21"New Hampshire"  4  6dracko  Boston
22"NEW HAMPSHIRE"  2  3SteveOSF  California
23"Sometimes I think I live here..."  7  6syllybabe  Happy Corner
24"luv2learn's new New Hampshire Page"  10  7luv2learn  Trenton
25"New Hampshire"  1  1Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
26"MY FAVORITE UNCLE LIVES HERE"  5  9moiraistyx  Rock Hill
27""Love that Unlimited Mileage""  11  142byrd  Magnolia
28"New Hampshire"  1RACCOON1  Toronto
29"NEW HAMPSHIRE"  2  13LoriPori  Windsor
30"I miss the foliage"  1  2aemilys  Paris
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