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1"Wonderful Melk"  25  26socrates_07   Vienna
2"Melk, a small town at the Danube Valley"  22  104Fam.Rauca   Vienna
3"St Colman and Melk - The Irish Connection"  20  21Ekaterinburg   Cork
4"MELK"  24  80balhannah    Brisbane
5"Melk & its Famous Abbey"  17  51Mikebb   Perth
6"Wachau - The Famous Town of Melk"  13  96victorwkf  Serangoon
7"Melk, a beautiful place and its baroque monastery"  46  48dvideira  Rio de Janeiro
8"Melk - a beautiful baroque monastery"  17  20MEdelmann  Göttlesbrunn
9"Got Melk?"  13  15yooperprof  Marquette
10"Marvelous Melk"  8  24dinhyen  Cambridge
11"Stift Melk (Abbey)"  9  15Martin_S.  Arad
12"Stift Melk"  10  11zrim  Northfield
13"Melk Monastery - Stift Melk"  9  15codrutz  Bucharest
14"Great Library and a cool walk back to the ship!"  5  9dustmon  Marietta
15"Melk Abbey"  2  6mikelisaanna  New Jersey
16"Melk"  6  28ranger49  Monmouthshire
17"Great abby in Melk ...Austria!!"  4  14truus_s  Eibergen
18"Of the Stift and Sommerspiele!"  3  2morgenhund  Vienna
19"Melk Abbey"  1  6coccinella169  Vienna
20"[NO TITLE]"  1  1WStat  Vienna
21"A Brief Visit to the Abbey"  1  7SurfaceTravel  London
22"Melk an der Donau"  1  2aGaby  Haag
23"Melk Abbey"  1  5Kate-Me  Ballarat