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1"Mondsee: my first taste of Austrian lakes"  12  14acemj   Philadelphia
2"MONDSEE - " PEARL IN THE SALZKAMMERGUT""  10  43balhannah   Brisbane
3"Mondesee - A beautiful lake"  2  4PelLihi   Sankt Valentin
4"Mondsee: Quiet Austria next to Lake and Mountains"  1  6mydreamquest  San Francisco
5"Mondsee"  2  37alancollins   Banbury
6"Mondsee"  1amsor  Amstetten
7"Mondsee - worth a visit for its pastries and cakes"  1  7mlbk888  Singapore
8"The hills are alive with the sound of Mondsee"  1  2randm1  Maine
9"MONDSEE ~ The Moon Lake"  4  6longsanborn  Netherlands