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1"Zell Am See - Beautiful Town with Lake & Mountains"  27  120victorwkf   Serangoon
2"LOVELY ZELL AM SEE"  12  35balhannah   Brisbane
3"Beautiful Zell am See"  11  37Roeffie   Druten
4"Great ski resort"  12  15codrutz   Bucharest
5"Lakeside Beauty"  7  9nhcram   Dover
6"Zell Am See, AUSTRIA."  9  18RobMorgan  Llandudno
7"Wonderfull Zell am See"  8  23jojes  Tongeren
8"A visit to Zell am See - Austria"  10  19saleemg  Dubai
9"Anniversary in Zell am See"  3  12Anysis  Vienna
10"Hiking in Zell am See"  4  6inawic  Bergen
11"Zell Am See"  2  5i-bella  Bologna
12"See the mountains - feel the freedom"  1  2Gerrem  Germany
13"the frozen lake"  2  3domenicococozza  London
14"Zell am See"  1  4linnyloo  South Africa
15"[NO TITLE]"  1  5morgenhund  Vienna
16"Zell am See"  3  1RACCOON1  Toronto
17"Zell for the day"  2  5Kettleman  Hythe
18"Seamandrew's Zell am See Page"  1  1seamandrew  New Brunswick
19"[NO TITLE]"  5Anma  Bucharest
20"[NO TITLE]"  1missesg  Manchester