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1"ANDORRA'S CAPITAL"  12  12trotador   Barcelona
2"The highest capital city in Europe!"  10  13matcrazy1   Tychy
3"under construction"  11  24call_me_rhia   Europe
4"Andorra de Villa"  10  13LanaFromRiga   Riga
5"Orlikins goes to Andorra la Vella"  15  12orlikins   Dublin
6"Andorra the Old"  8  7illumina  Bristol
7"The birthplace of Democracy"  2  1Assenczo  Ottawa
8"[NO TITLE]"  3Mr-Bungle  Pinhal Novo
9"One of the smallest country in the world..."  2  3Perucha  Jakarta
10"Summer in Andorra La Vella"  1  5DAO  Wakefield
11"When the capital is but a side show"  1  3Buckz  Dublin
12"Little Andorra"  2  3kilit  Izmir
13"arzauk in Andorra"  2  2arzauk  Barcelona
14"Andorra La Vella is the capital of Andorra"  3  18eksvist  Tallinn
15"Christianne's new Andorra la Vella Page"  1  2Christianne  Athens
16"Andorra la Vella"  3  2gajic  Belgrade
17"ANDORRA / SOLDEU- EL TARTER"  6  15Zoe_bcn  Barcelona
18" Its a Small World After All"  8  12Michael_D  Key West