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1"A Visit to Jane Austen's Town"  36  37pedersdottir   Evanston
2"Baaaaarth, Darling !"  40  43coceng   Kampong Masjid Tanah
3"An afternoon in Bath"  17  44toonsarah   Ealing
4"Home to Britain's only Hot Springs"  18  36jo104   Sri Lanka
5"Bath"  17  70Dabs   Chicago
6"Beautiful Bath"  16  30mardaska  Athens
7"Dipping my toe into Bath!"  18  21suvanki  Sheffield
8"Bath"  13  9Rachael71  United Kingdom
9"The Historic Bath"  15  27jusdenise93  Avondale
10"Romans, Georgians, bishops and tourists"  17  47Airpunk  Mainz
11"Bath or Baarth?"  31  109spidermiss  Leeds
12"A Georgian city with hot springs & Roman Baths"  12  42annase  Portsmouth
13"Bath"  8  33sue_stone  Sydney
14"Lovely Bath, England"  13  13londonlover  Chicago
15"BATH - A WORLD HERITAGE CITY"  13  33balhannah  Brisbane
16"Sourbugger takes a Bath once a year - if required"  10  11sourbugger  County Galway
17"Romantic Bath"  11  62uglyscot  Khartoum
18"Aquae Sulis"  13  43Balam  Manchester
19"Bath, an enchanting place."  13  16VinceTraveller  Chicago
20"Looking for Romans, finding Phillip"  24  28iandsmith  Moonee Beach
21"Bath"  9  9AcornMan  Denver
22"Roman Town of Bath"  18  14graeme83  St Albans
23"THE BIRCHY'S DO BATH"  7  15birchy99  Eugene
24"Aqua Sulis"  23  35greebo  Bristol
25"A feeling of Rome"  7  29mallyak  Sydney
26"Bath"  11  12Imbi  London
27"The Georgian City In The Somerset Countryside"  20  34johngayton   Lundy Island
28"Bath"  7  14grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
29"Bath - are we really in the UK?!"  13  3daelight  Tokyo
30"Ben-UK's Bath page"  7  12Ben-UK  Manchester
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