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1"Beaumaris is Not that Boring!"  31  19lomi   Isla de Lanzarote
2"A Great Castle Town"  11  32Balam   Manchester
3"Rather good castle........"  4  7leics   Leicester
4"A short return trip to Wales"  6  9margaretvn   Netherlands
5"beaumaris castle and views"  2  10stemc   Newton-le-Willows
6"Anglesey."  2  3wandabendik  Manchester
7"Beaumaris on the tranquil island of Anglesey"  3crazytracylady  Huddersfield
8"Beaumaris"  1  12yayoi  England
9"Beaumaris: Gateway to Anglesey"  1  7Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
10"The Last Castle"  2  9tvor  Halifax
11"[NO TITLE]"  1  5david1982  Feltham