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1"Alright my lover?"  68  134TheLongTone   Bristol
2"Far beyond the shrinking skies"  27  73mindcrime   Athens
3"Brissle - a gert lush areal!"  50  45KennetRose   Reading
4"Bristol"  37  46JuliaK   London
5"Bristol/Brizzle - Capitawl of the Southwest"  24  49aaaarrgh   Cardiff
6"Welcome to Brizzol"  25  41northeast80  Bristol
7"Bristol - Prepare for the unexpected"  22  46Airpunk  Mainz
8"Bristol"  19  23grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
9"BRISTOL - SHIPSHAPE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY!"  8  18themajor  Brighton
10"Bristol - A Friendly interesting city!"  14  26suvanki  Sheffield
11"Phantastic Bristol!"  25  106spidermiss  Leeds
12"Bristol"  6  30Balam  Manchester
13"Bristol"  9  21illumina  Bristol
14"Bigger than it looks"  6  8neilward  Bridgend
15"Bristol"  17  12Gyppo  Cambridge
16"On secondment to Bristol"  6ian-uk  Barrow in Furness
17"GURT LUSH!"  23  33Duffelgirl  Bristol
18"Bristol"  3  44grets  Bristol
19"Bristol"  7  37uglyscot  Khartoum
20"Weekend Escape from London"  2  10sue_stone  Sydney
21"A huge amount of history."  15  75planxty  London
22"Ups and downs"  11  15Sjalen  Sweden
23"Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion"  5  7jonquilcat  Lyon
24"[NO TITLE]"  2  3jil_coleslaw  Hong Kong
25"Laidback, Industrial-City..."  33  36coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
26"[NO TITLE]"  1diamondgeezer  Bristol
27"Bristol"  1  2Arkeolog  Istanbul
28"Beautiful Bristol"  8marilynmondoe  London
29"Geoffs Exeter and Dartmoor Page"  7  18Geoff_Wright  Altarnun
30"Visit to the Zoo"  1  6DEBBBEDB  United States of America
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