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1"Caerphilly - Famous for its' Castle and Cheese..."  20  102Myfanwe   Cardiff
2"Caerphilly Rains"  15  79Balam   Manchester
3"ordinary town with a medieval castle!"  11  39mindcrime   Athens
4"Caerphilly - famous for two things!"  9  4warney   Caerphilly
5"Home of the cheese and the castle"  8  54uglyscot   Khartoum
6"Caerphilly, famed for cheese and leaning castle"  7  10aaaarrgh  Cardiff
7"Caerphilly - Caerffili"  10  14grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
8"Caerphilly Castle"  19  30Carmela71  Spain
9"Caerphilly & Abertridwr"  5  11Elodie_Caroline  High Wycombe
10"A friendly little Welsh village"  4  4adelaidean  Adelaide
11"In the midst of History"  2  3sunburntaussie  Brisbane
12"Caerphilly"  4  3roamer61  Long Island
13"Caerphilly is more than cheese!"  4  7Zmrzlina  Pittsburgh
14"My home Town"  1  8pattypoo  Wales
15"Caerphilly"  1  4aukahkay  Singapore
16"The Town of Caerphilly"  2  6psychocy  Laconia
17"Caerphilly: Historic Welsh Town"  3  18Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.