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1"Just a few Bits about Cambridge"  41  76christine.j   Germany
2"City of cycles and Colleges"  32  33Imbi   London
3"Cambridge - My temporary UK hometown"  94  190Airpunk   Mainz
4"My Home Town!"  31  35jrs1234   Cambridgeshire
5"Oxford is a complete arse...."  33  29sourbugger   County Galway
6"Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England"  14  16Elena_007  Memphis
7"Cambridge student haven"  17  18MacedonianUK  Bitola
8"Through New Eyes."  14  19nhcram  Dover
9"Cam + Bridge = Cambridge!"  13  45Confucius  Beijing
10"Cambridge - Home Sweet Home"  24  31Sophie1980  Cambridge
11"Frolicking in the Fens"  15  15eliowny  Heidelberg
12"Cambridge Outing"  11  39jo104  Sri Lanka
13"Cambridge"  19  31grayfo  Royal Leamington Spa
14"A Trip to the Other Place"  51  93barryg23  Ealing
15"RHUBARB!!!"  11  21johngayton   Lundy Island
16"cambridge"  11  7cielo85  Italy
17"CAMBRIDGE"  12  47BerniShand  Upwell
18"A weekend in Cambridge"  13  32oneonta_ni  Belfast
19"Cambridge"  7  9pocketpiglet  Europe
20"Cambridge"  9  26Dabs  Chicago
21"CAMBRIDGE - HOME OF THE STUDIOUS!"  15  43balhannah  Brisbane
22"Cambridge - home to a beautiful college"  6  6Travelchili  Europe
23"Cambridge!"  6  6katerina-dale  Peterborough
24"Cambridge, England"  11  12AcornMan  Denver
25"VT hits Cambridge"  5  35alucas  Essex
26"Second time around"  8  11ChrisAlexander  Cambridge
27"Cambridge - A City of Punts and Brains"  11  20vichatherly  Knebworth
28"Cambridge"  12  32Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
29"VT Meeting in Cambridge"  6  18Mariajoy  East Sussex
30"Cambridge"  7  13vec  Sundbyberg
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