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1"Welcome to England"  29  35nhcram   Dover
2"Gateway to England"  36  33chrishc   Dover
3"MEDIEVAL DOVER"  13  14whitecliff62   Folkestone
4"OUR FIRST TOWN IN ENGLAND WAS................."  14  34balhannah   Brisbane
5"More of a dirty greenish colour"  17  18TheLongTone   Bristol
6"One day trip to Dover.."  5  2Sharon  Tel Aviv District
7"Just passing through?"  10  9Kettleman  Hythe
8"Calais Dover Calais"  3  14Kuznetsov_Sergey   Moscow
9"Dover"  3  4robertgaz  Bunbury
10"Dover - Castles, Cliffs and Channel Crossings"  3  9Mariajoy  East Sussex
11"Dover"  4  18Igraine  Purmerend
12"A town with real 'sole'.."  6  10Herkbert  Williamsville
13"Passing through Dover"  1  7sue_stone  Sydney
14"More than just the White Cliffs..."  1  3Myfanwe  Cardiff
15"The White Cliffs of DOVER... And More!"  22  23Krystynn  Milan
16"WELCOME TO FUNKY'S PAGE."  17  15funkymama  Oostende
17"Dover"  4  8smschley  Hayward
18"Castle and cliffs"  2  3Sjalen  Sweden
19"Dover"  4  4roamer61  Long Island
20"Dover ...."  9  30pieter_jan_v   Hengelo
21"Either Start or End of a Britain Trip -- Or Both!!"  1  3RhineRoll  Remagen
22"My Day in Dover"  4  16zadunajska8  Eastbourne
23"Dover England: The Ferry Gateway to Europe"  1  7jwilliams2005  Ohio
24"White Cliff Country"  11  21neilward  Bridgend
25"[NO TITLE]"  1Helloitscynthia  World
26"[NO TITLE]"  2  5floche2001  Estaimpuis
27"Ferries, a Castle and beautiful white cliffs"  5  29Roeffie  Druten
28"Secret tunnels"  1  2morgandk  Portland
29"Dover"  10  20grkboiler  Pereira
30"The Sea Port of Dover"  10  12Ash59  Basildon
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