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1"Poet's corner"  17  2clivedinburgh   Dunfermline
2"Well, we all have to come from somewhere!"  6  8GillianMcLaughlin   Brussels
3"Dumfries"  30  3socheid   Liverpool
4"Dumfries"  3  14Drever   Ayr
5"More than Meets the Eye"  1  6ringleader   Philadelphia
6"a weekend on carruchan farm"  6  7call_me_rhia  Europe
7"Queen of the south"  1  2Macfadyin  Obbicht
8"Deep south?"  4  12iaint  Kirkcaldy
9"Guid Nychburris"  1  4WhispersWest  Tucson
10"Doonhamer"  13  4Ruthy2001  Watlington
11"the biggest city of dumfries and galloway"  1  2fabrice  Offenburg
12"Dumfries - Gateway to Galloway"  7  8CliffClaven  Luxembourg
13"DUMFRIES"  1  1gaviotaportenia  Oxford