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1"The Metropolis"  68  182johngayton    Lundy Island
2"CAPITAL CITY OF DEVON."  30  33cazz38   Devon
3"A Great City"  8  42Myfanwe   Cardiff
4"Exeter"  15  29freya_heaven   Devon
5"Exeter, where the English part of my heart is :-)"  11  17Gillianina   Paris
6"Exeter"  8  9jayhawk2000  Manchester
7"My Exeter, My university"  4  8Mysammy  Bangkok
8"Exeter - Cathedral City"  7  5KingSeany  Ösmo
9"Roman city"  15  58leics  Leicester
10"Isca - Exeter"  6  10debtravers  Devon
11"EXETER"  4  5roamer61  Long Island
12"Exeter, UK"  3  8cnango  San Clemente
13"Welcome to Exeter"  3  5yumyum   Zürich
14"Visiting my "cousin" in Exeter"  6  4amyLbrown2002  Auckland
15"Internatiional airport for west country"  2  3MURRA  Toronto
16"work in progress"  7  10angelis  Exeter
17"Exeter"  7  8Fen  London
18"Exeter"  3  4deptlads  Deptford
19"Exeter"  6  32EasyMalc  Paignton
20"MY HOME TOWN."  2  3Lisa37  Exeter
21"Historic Exeter, Devon"  4  5Geoff_Wright  Altarnun
22"[NO TITLE]"  1  1Roeffie  Druten
23"Exeter is a cool place"  2kooka3  Huntingtown
24"[NO TITLE]"  1  1Monique_T  Bergeyk
25"Isca Dumnoniorum"  1cparsons  Exeter