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1"GLASGOW"  34  48Hosell   Benidorm
2"Glasgow Travel Tips - Scotland's Only "Real" City"  28  27scotlandscotour   Orkney
3"[NO TITLE]"  45  18jeniferkik   Harrow on the Hill
4"GLASGOW"  46  116hevbell   Ayr
5"Keeping up Appearances"  16  13IanMacPhail   Glasgow
6"Glasgow"  17  64Drever  Ayr
7"City location"  20  13lillibets  Edinburgh
8"Glasgow, Scotland"  13  39moirholj  Delaware
9"Glasgow, Scotland"  13  26slothtraveller  Tamworth
10"The Hub of Scotland"  9  7TravellingSpirit  Prestwick
11"Dublin and Edinburgh together are half the fun."  12  7pisatower  Poznan
12"Glasgow, older than I knew"  12  9Rojo72  Karlstad
13"Glasgow - Culture and Modernity"  54  217gordonilla  Uxbridge
14"Glasgow,Scotland's largest city"  10  13benidormone  Antwerp
15"Some history of Glasgow"  14  145Bennytheball  Glasgow
16"[NO TITLE]"  12  15mykitten  Glasgow
17"Glesga - Scotland's second city?"  27  8clivedinburgh  Dunfermline
18"centre of the universe"  30  32coolcolin  Vancouver Island
19"Glaschu keltic capital of many nations"  22  6chichino1  Lyon
20"Glasgow"  7  13tvor  Halifax
21"Glasgow"  11  28Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
22"Glasgow: food and drink are the new religion"  9  12NiceLife  London
23"ceud mile failté!"  7  6Flamegirl  Glasgow
24"Pronounced Glezzga, not Glesgae........!"  6  11Paisleypaul  Paisley
25"Gallus Glasgow"  7  10weewatty  Perth
26"Glasgow"  4  20Kaspian  North Bay
27"GREAT PEOPLE,Great city,Great time ,so good i came"  6  10cooltomjapan  Kyoto
28"Glasgow - exciting city of extremes"  4  6aaaarrgh  Cardiff
29"My "first" year in Glasgow"  16  3cadja  Stockholm
30"GLASGOW"  5  17Acirfa  West Horsham
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