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1"GLASTONBURY - QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS!"  20  38themajor   Brighton
2"Glastonbury"  9  63Krumlovgirl   Irvine
3"The Mystical Isle of Avalon"  7  8hayward68   Toronto
4"Glastonbury - not just for hippies"  7  12Spincat   London
5"Glastonbury - Tranquility at it's finest!"  6  15Myfanwe   Cardiff
6"England's mountains green"  9  25Sjalen  Sweden
7"Glastonbury Festival"  17  25jolou  London
8"TOR, TOWN, AND FESTIVALS"  5  9englishchris  Sidmouth
9"Glastonbury"  6  20alancollins  Banbury
10"Visiting Glastonbury"  8  22LouiseTopp  Salisbury
11"Steve-H in Glastonbury"  7  12Steve-H  Perth
12"Glastonbury"  7  28leics  Leicester
13"The occult capital of England"  5  7unexplored  United Kingdom
14"[NO TITLE]"  2  1WulfstanTraveller  Santa Rosa
15"Magical Avalon"  2  3robine  Rio de Janeiro
16"The mysterious town of Glastonbury"  4  5Roeffie  Druten
17"Glastonbury Festival... England"  11  10RandomDreamer  London
18"Land of King Arthur"  8  7aliante1981  London
19"The Spirit of Glastonbury"  2  8psychocy  Laconia