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1"A SMASHIN' TIME IN HALIFAX UK"  31  172LoriPori   Windsor
2"VTers hit Halifax and surrounding area"  30  306suvanki   Sheffield
3"My first Rushbearing Meet"  11  48toonsarah   Ealing
4"IT'S A BLAST !"  13  68DAO   Wakefield
5"Halifax - pretty, small and full of history..."  12  12BlueBeth   Bradford
6"Halifax... the home of the Building Society"  7  11Suet  Penicuik
7"Down at't fax"  5  18Balam  Manchester
8"Halifax and Calderdale"  9  10fax  Halifax
9"Death to the Clay Pigeon"  4  41Gillybob  Manchester
10"'Alifax [insert appropriate Yorkshire saying here]"  4  16aaaarrgh  Cardiff
11"The town of an amazing VT Meet!"  7  74spidermiss  Leeds
12"Halifax"  9  26yvgr  Stockholm
13"HALIFAX"  9  41alyf1961  Leeds
14"The start of a new era"  9  11ricky52  Halifax
15"VT visits Halifax, West Yorkshire"  1  25poons  Staffordshire
16"Halifax"  4  15rosata  Europe
17"So, you want to come to Halifax?"  13  27Scarecrow_Festival  Halifax
18"O'thr Pennines"  4  17mickeyboy07  Stalybridge
19"Didn't we have a lovely time? Three times now!"  3  44leics  Leicester