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1"Gibraltar - The Rock"  118  118bugalugs   United Kingdom
2"A brief history..."  53  61sugarpuff   Gibraltar
3"Gibraltar - A British Colony"  46  63GibJoe   Gibraltar
4"Gibraltar - Home of the Rock"  21  44HORSCHECK   Germany
5"Gibraltar - Still a British Colony"  21  20easyoar   Reading
6"Gibraltar - not the best weather but still great!"  14  31Bwana_Brown  Fredericton
7"Britannia on the Iberian Peninsula"  20  21MikeAtSea  Durban
8"At the end of Europe"  14  11GentleSpirit  Rockville
9"~Gibraltar ~"  25  31freya_heaven  Devon
10"The Rock"  10  23Dabs  Chicago
11"Keeweechic's Gibraltar"  67  137keeweechic  World
12"Solid, solid as a rock as a rock...."  10  10sourbugger  County Galway
13"Beach_dogs Tax Free Gibraltar Page."  10  9Beach_dog  Marbella
14"Gibraltar Break"  7  3Gillybob  Manchester
15"A Little Piece of Britain"  7  9St_Vincent  Watford
16"Gibraltar"  12  9africaking  Bastrop
17"The Rock!"  6  8Ujamaflip  Karlsruhe
18"Mons Calpe The famous rock of Gibraltar"  44  116Airpunk  Mainz
19"Gibraltar ......The Rock"  55  285Galaxy31  London
20"GIBRALTAR."  6  33Regina1965  Reykjavík
21"Gibraltar - British for over 300 years"  12  16gib157  Norwich
22"Rock of the apes."  6  10cachaseiro  Denmark
23"GIBRALTAR"  10  30barbskie  Switzerland
24"History, Character & Shopping Packed Into 5 Hours"  11  42Mikebb  Perth
25"Little Britain of the Rock"  6  8angiebabe  Xi'an
26"Geoffs Old and New Gibraltar Page"  19  22Geoff_Wright  Altarnun
27"CRADLE OF HISTORY"  5  5caldarrosta  Innsbruck
28"Welcome to Gibraltar"  4  9yumyum  Zürich
29"Gibraltar"  10  10barryg23  Ealing
30"Back in England?!"  8  6deeper_blue  London
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