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4"Gardens of Glass at Kew"  11  39Mariajoy   East Sussex
5"Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew"  4  26novsco61   Ljubljana
6"The biggest botanical Garden in the World"  5  32Roeffie  Druten
7"The Treetop Walkway-Kew Gardens."  1  8diosh  Richmond
8"A Symphony of Colours"  8  24bzh  London
9"Exotic and native plants"  1  5yurxlnc  Khartoum
10"Blossoming Kew Gardens & surrounds"  5  11Jenniflower  Greater London
11"Kew Gardens"  1  10Lozza_9  London
12"Kew Gardens"  2  7awladhassan  United Arab Emirates