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1"Right On Our Doorstep......"  43  199nickandchris   Dalton in Furness
2"A favourite part of the country"  41  75margaretvn   Netherlands
3"Lake District"  50  138barryg23   Ealing
4"Ben-UK's Lake District page"  34  80Ben-UK   Manchester
5"It`s Just A Hop Skip And A Jump"  21  23Arm-Chair-Hero   Sheffield
6"Scenery at its best"  22  65Bigs  Hannover
7"Lake District"  16  19JanPeter74  Rotterdam
8"The Lake District - scenery at its best"  26  69sabsi  Düsseldorf
9"Lakelands"  24  49sandysmith  West Kirby
10"Catkins Lake District page"  14  23catkin  Lake District National Park
11"Don't mind the bull, he'll be fine"  12  34christine.j  Germany
12"Home is where the heart is"  10  23toontraveller  Newcastle upon Tyne
13"The Lake District"  9  9hayward68  Toronto
14"The Lake District"  8  7Rachael71  United Kingdom
15"The Wonderful Lake District"  24  32eddilowe  Birmingham
16"Lake District"  6  9joanj  Ipswich
17"The "Switzerland" of England"  8  41Helga67  Belgium
18"A short week at Coniston Water"  7  18SurfaceTravel  London
19"Lakes and Mountains"  7  19tvor  Halifax
20"What a Glorious part of England"  12  12binnie  United Kingdom
21"Lake District"  13  16elmasri  Brighton
22"The Lakes"  3  6aah_stone  Brighton
24"Hiking Trip - Keswick (2004) & Wasdale (2006)"  5  10cmak  London
25"A Beautiful Part of England"  10  14Vic5  London
26"A Wonderful Part of England"  11  22zuriga  Surrey
27"The Lake District"  3  17Cool-123  Hong Kong
28"mcharlton's The Lake District"  12  13mcharlton  Tamarac
29"Keeweechic's Lake District"  11  12keeweechic  World
30"Englands most scenic area"  4  6Britannia2   Swanland
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