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1"Liverpool - European Capital of Culture 2008"  112  168sandysmith   West Kirby
2"ACROSS THE UNIVERSE"  38  54SapineKuu   Liverpool
3"Liverpool"  42  85Bigs   Hannover
4"More Than The Beatles...."  34  65stevezero   Belper
5"Liverpool - a dream come true!"  48  90sabsi   Düsseldorf
6"Beatles everywhere!"  22  42King_Golo  Tuttlingen
7"Liverpool Revisited"  65  68steventilly  Darlington
8"I can't believe I finally made it to Liverpool. :)"  19  19londonlover  Chicago
9"LIVERPOOL TO ME IS BEATLES COUNTRY"  15  39Onedragon  Honolulu
10"A very changed place."  18  34planxty  London
11"The port to the world"  19  20sourbugger  County Galway
12"Liverpool is Cool Britannia!"  14  39slothtraveller  Tamworth
13"Liverpool = Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"  15  16littlesam1  Baltimore
14"Welcome to my home town Liverpool"  10  47JoelWillTravel  Liverpool
15"The world in one city"  16  21drgrcook  Liverpool
16"[NO TITLE]"  9  9MrKarl  London
17"The Beatles town over the Merseyside"  10  12jumanuel  World
18"A night and a day in the 2008 City of Culture"  36  158gordonilla  Uxbridge
19"Liverpool"  8  14Evenith666  Manchester
20"Liverpool nightlife and more!"  13  40Benson35  Manchester
21"Home of the Liver Birds"  6  31Myfanwe  Cardiff
22"Liverpool"  10  10dixonchan  Singapore
23"you'll never walk alone"  16  17ayers_rock_where  England
24"It was 40 years ago this year..............."  14  28Britannia2  Swanland
25"In the Liverpuddlian Land"  6  9jakiline  Bayeux
26"Land of the Beatles and Cathedrals!!!"  10  10aadil  Mumbai
27"A World Heritage City!"  33  143spidermiss  Leeds
28"Liverpool - my home city"  3  12allaboutnice  Liverpool
29"In my Liverpool Home"  4ClareBear  Liverpool
30"Ferry Cross the Mersey"  18  19Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
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