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1"Liverpool - European Capital of Culture 2008"  112  168sandysmith   West Kirby
2"ACROSS THE UNIVERSE"  38  54SapineKuu   Liverpool
3"Liverpool"  42  85Bigs   Hannover
4"More Than The Beatles...."  34  65stevezero   Belper
5"Liverpool - a dream come true!"  48  90sabsi   Düsseldorf
6"Liverpool Revisited"  65  68steventilly  Darlington
7"Beatles everywhere!"  22  42King_Golo  Tuttlingen
8"I can't believe I finally made it to Liverpool. :)"  19  19londonlover  Chicago
9"LIVERPOOL TO ME IS BEATLES COUNTRY"  15  39Onedragon  Honolulu
10"A very changed place."  18  34planxty   London
11"The port to the world"  19  20sourbugger  County Galway
12"Liverpool = Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"  15  16littlesam1  Baltimore
13"Liverpool is Cool Britannia!"  14  39slothtraveller  Tamworth
14"Welcome to my home town Liverpool"  10  47JoelWillTravel  Liverpool
15"The world in one city"  16  21drgrcook  Liverpool
16"[NO TITLE]"  9  9MrKarl  London
17"The Beatles town over the Merseyside"  10  12jumanuel  World
18"Liverpool"  8  14Evenith666  Manchester
19"Liverpool nightlife and more!"  13  40Benson35  Manchester
20"Home of the Liver Birds"  6  31Myfanwe  Cardiff
21"Liverpool"  10  10dixonchan  Singapore
22"you'll never walk alone"  16  17ayers_rock_where  England
23"It was 40 years ago this year..............."  14  28Britannia2  Swanland
24"In the Liverpuddlian Land"  6  9jakiline  Bayeux
25"Land of the Beatles and Cathedrals!!!"  10  10aadil  Mumbai
26"In my Liverpool Home"  4ClareBear  Liverpool
27"Ferry Cross the Mersey"  18  19Sambawalk  Hong Kong Island
28"Liverpool - my home city"  3  12allaboutnice  Liverpool
29"A night and a day in the 2008 City of Culture"  36  158gordonilla  Uxbridge
30"The Beatles Hometown, Liverpool, England"  3  4Jehcekah  Rochester
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