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1"My Current Home"  383  1200sue_stone   Sydney
2"Maybe it's Because I'm A Londoner...."  343  900Mariajoy   East Sussex
3"Gor Blimey guv''r having a larf......"  288  282sourbugger   County Galway
4"London, the capital of England"  210  221easyoar   Reading
5"LONDON"  207  1122Regina1965    Reykjavík
6"When a man tires of London, he is tired of life"  262  471Dabs  Chicago
7"Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner ..."  202  610toonsarah   Ealing
8"London, Misty Albion"  221  489kris-t  Belle River
9"Home to planxty (and many other things besides)!"  227  789planxty   London
10"HOME OF THE EMPIRE"  181  907DAO  Wakefield
11"A Weekend in London"  199  220filipdebont  Roeselare
12"A Lifetime in London"  176  174phil_uk_net  Brentwood
13"Big City In a Small Area"  110  107Cham  London
14"London - Englands capital city."  135  267Britannia2  Swanland
15"Living and working in my favourite city ~ London"  226  673Jenniflower  Greater London
16"Tvor Loves London"  112  191tvor  Halifax
17"London through my heart..."  112  164Sharon  Tel Aviv District
18"London!"  98  379angiebabe  Xi'an
19"Lived here-- saw nothing, visit here--lots to see"  346  813davidjo  Puerto Princesa
20"Just a tiny bit of London but it calls for more!"  76  92irisbe  Antwerp
21"LONDON - A CITY WHO CAPTURED MY HEART"  90  320gugi66  Stockholm
22"The big smoke...home!"  133  176BluBluBlu  Goa
23"My Home Town, and Birthplace :)"  112  349Durfun  London
24"Lun Dun"  108  110J.I.M  United Kingdom
25"London - city of secrets"  119  100KennetRose  Reading
26"Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner...."  103  354uglyscot  Khartoum
27"My Home LONDON"  118  133Imbi  London
28"Another Continent."  59  143breughel  Belgium
29"My new Home"  77  171jo104  Sri Lanka
30"London revisited"  77  301grandmaR  Leonardtown
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