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1"Manc"  91  350Balam   Manchester
2"Ben-UK's Manchester page"  57  93Ben-UK   Manchester
3"My Manchester"  68  72janiebaxter   Manchester
4"Manchester - Full of Surprises"  44  66sandysmith   West Kirby
5"Manchester - a versatile city"  32  112ettiewyn   Germany
6"Manchester and the Christmas Markets"  45  470suvanki  Sheffield
7"Manchester"  35  59Evenith666  Bangor
8"Manchester"  49  248spidermiss  Leeds
9"My favourite big British city"  64  67jayhawk2000  Manchester
10"Marvellous Manchester..."  32  125Myfanwe  Cardiff
11"Manchester England"  30  49Toyin  Abuja
12"Manchester comes alive"  48  104tvor   Halifax
13"Manchester Dreamtime"  15  31Gillybob  Manchester
14"World's greatest City"  26  136mickeyboy07  Stalybridge
15"Manchester"  58  82steventilly  Darlington
16"Manchester - The postcardless city"  27  36alfredop  Querétaro
17"On the 6th day God created MANchester!"  29  37Pomocub  Manchester
18"The City of Manchester"  19  89Benson35  Manchester
19"Britain's 2nd city"  21  14deeper_blue  London
20"The most vibrant city in England"  19  20carlrea  Royton
21"Five times for the VT Christmas Markets meetings.."  15  84leics  Leicester
22"M.E.R.V's new Manchester Page"  29  3M.E.R.V  Manchester
23"Manchester"  9  18Maria250  Germany
24"Sometimes It Doesn't Rain!"  12  19johngayton  Lundy Island
25"Manchester"  11  10Tracyden  Manchester
26"Manchester by Chamsa"  21  35Chamsa  Vienna
27"Manchester in January"  7  29vec  Sundbyberg
28"Guinness and Gold Cup"  9  11St_Vincent  Watford
29"Manchester and Northern England in a nutshell"  9  20Bavavia  New Jersey
30"More More More!!"  28  30hayward68  Toronto
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