Top Pages for Newcastle upon Tyne
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1"A city and its river"  108  250toonsarah   Ealing
2"Many Bridges To Cross"  43  154stevezero   Belper
3"It's a different land"  30  30sourbugger   County Galway
4"Newcastle"  23  26sandysmith   West Kirby
5"The Toon"  21  19dazherg   Newcastle upon Tyne
6"Newcastle upon Tyne Page"  22  19Fen  London
7"Love at first sight!"  19  27sabsi  Düsseldorf
8"Newcastle"  30  67barryg23  Ealing
9"Newcastle and surrounding areas"  18  33clairegeordio  Buckinghamshire
10"Across the border, just"  11  23iaint  Kirkcaldy
11"Newcastle"  10  31zadunajska8  Eastbourne
12"Newcastle - Letuz take a Gander....."  6  29suvanki  Sheffield
13"Regional capital of the north east"  28  37Britannia2  Swanland
14"Geordie's Town"  12  19yooperprof  Marquette
15"The clubbing capital of England"  5  8hermesus  Newcastle upon Tyne
16"Newcastle (and Gateshead!)"  7  10jayhawk2000  Manchester
17"The One And Only !"  8  11toontraveller  Newcastle upon Tyne
18"Home of the Geordies"  13  28Dyesebel  World
19"Newcastle-upon-Tyne"  5  14solopes  Turquel
20"A Geordie City!"  3  5spidermiss  Leeds
21"Cool city"  4littlebush  London
22"MY HOME TOWN !"  2  3martyfrize  Birmingham
23"It felt so right..."  10  13TheGaz1982  Newcastle upon Tyne
24"The Geordie Revolution"  10  18MDH  Davis
25"Newcastle in Pictures"  2  13bwk_michael  Manchester
26"Great Town!"  2  5RichardBlaine  High Rolls
27"Newcastle - The Unoffical City of Culture"  25  26gallowaymjg  Newcastle upon Tyne
28"Newcastle - City of Culture"  10  17nettyfitz  Northumberland
29"Newcastle Town"  7  7jhorsfield30  Porthcawl
30"[NO TITLE]"  7  18alyf1961  Leeds
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