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1"Oban"  36  79scottishvisitor   Aberdeen
2"Beautiful Oban"  27  30hevbell   Ayr
3"Capital of the West Highlands"  15  51stevezero   Belper
4"My Home"  17  4antz   Taynuilt
5"Oban and Surroundings"  14  47travelfrosch   Boston
6"Oban"  6  15Redang  Madrid
7"OBAN"  14ghweeh  Singapore
8"Gateway to the Islands"  4  5zizkov  Stirling
9"The most beautiful little town ever"  4  3ange_famine  Nice
10"Keeweechic's Oban"  14  16keeweechic  World
11"Oban - first rung to the highlands"  2  4carlrea  Royton
12"Oban:Coastal getaway"  5  6bicycle_girl  Port Moody
13"Oban Scotland and the Isle of Mull"  6  7Kodi01  Dallas
14"Oban"  1  12Krumel  Dunboyne
15"Oban: Gateway to the Isles"  2ricecloudnine  Madison
16"[NO TITLE]"  1Highlandtourist  World
17"Oban"  4  7LaineBelle  East Nashville
18"Oban, a flying visit"  2suvanki  Sheffield
19"a long time coming"  7  21iaint  Kirkcaldy
20"Oban - a destination or a departure point"  5  2CdnJane  Barrie
21"The village by the shore"  5  6shivan  Rome
22"[NO TITLE]"  1Celticroamer  World
23"[NO TITLE]"  1  5iblatt  Ra`ananna
24"Oban - Gateway to the Highland Islands"  2  11AlbuqRay   Albuquerque
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  1ppz  Moscow
26"[NO TITLE]"  1  1gaia1969  Manchester
27"[NO TITLE]"  1fred_smith99  World
28"Oban"  1  1uglyscot  Khartoum
29"[NO TITLE]"  1Big_Paul  Belfast