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1"Oxford Stories"  44  84evaanna   Poland
2"The Gown Town"  63  123King_Golo   Tuttlingen
3"A home in Oxford"  59  57Ginaravens   Oxford
4"The Oxford Story"  111  145barryg23   Ealing
5"City of Dreaming Spires"  32  48shutterlust   Oxford
6"The City of Dreaming Spires"  27  50jo104  Sri Lanka
7"Oxford"  18  59martin_nl  Hoofddorp
8"City of Spires"  21  89mickeyboy07  Stalybridge
9"Oxford, A Student's Paradise."  21  81nickandchris  Dalton in Furness
10"Oxford"  16  17Imbi  London
11"In search of Dark Materials"  22  19KennetRose  Reading
12"Oxford in the Spring"  15  68iblatt  Ra`ananna
13"Oxford"  15  56leffe3  Melbourne
14"Ox"  21  13Avryle  Tarrytown
15"Cambridge for softies"  17  16sourbugger  County Galway
16"A day in sunny Oxford"  17  20sabsi  Düsseldorf
17"Dons, Carfax, the Bodleian, and Mesopotamia"  17  25yooperprof  Marquette
18"University city!"  8  9mindcrime  Athens
19"Brimming With Students & Tourists !"  44  47coceng  Kampong Masjid Tanah
20"Oxford - tourists, students, shoppers galore"  8  15aaaarrgh  Cardiff
21"Ye spires of Oxford! (Wordsworth, not me)."  6  31leics  Leicester
22"Brilliant Oxford!"  15  75marinarena  Orange
23"A living history lesson"  4  6mafi_moya  Ramallah
24"eddieman's new Oxford Page"  24  2eddieman  Oxfordshire
25"Oxford"  4  6Mariajoy  East Sussex
26"Summers in Oxford"  20  71JoostvandenVondel  Stourbridge
27"History, academia and some more besides."  5  7planxty   London
28"Oxford: England's Oldest Seat of Learning"  8  20Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
29"Oxford: the Art of Old Architecture"  4  5Manyana  London
30"Oxford"  4  10MikeBird  Bedfordshire
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