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1"The Stones, At Last!"  10  19stevezero   Belper
2"Ancient Monuments"  6  30grandmaR   Leonardtown
3"Stonehenge"  4  15Krumlovgirl   Irvine
4"Stonehenge, my least favorite daytrip from London"  5  3Dabs   Chicago
5"STONEHENGE The Prehistoric Mystery"  5  7Goner   Portsmouth
6"Those stones at Stonehenge"  4  5shrimp56  Chicago
7"Stonehenge"  3  6jusdenise93  Avondale
8"A sacred site"  8  24Sjalen  Sweden
9"Stonehenge was dissapointing."  2  3rachel_sun  England
10""You don't need eyes to see - You need vision""  2  21Ken-out-of-Bath  Andover
11"The one and only Stonehenge"  2  8Airpunk  Mainz
12"Stone Circle & Standing Stone Technology & Mystery"  2  3scotlandscotour  Orkney
13"Stone Henge-a bit spooky"  2  8mallyak  Sydney
14"Stonehenge"  3  6ChristinaNest  Sofia
15"Visiting Firemen"  3  14DEBBBEDB  United States of America
16"The world famous Neolithic period stone monument"  3  2annase  Leeds
17"Stonehenge!"  2  3wanderingbtrfly  Seattle
18"Stonehenge- Up close and personal"  1  4KarenLee2  Edmonton
19"It was cool, but not what I expected!"  1  5saraheg77  Allen
20"Stonehenge in the Off-Season"  1  6sswagner  Fort Worth
21"Stonehenge- an old mystery"  1  13uglyscot  Khartoum
22"Stonehenge - A Ancient Mysterious Wonder"  1  2SLLiew  Penang
23"stonehenge"  1  3doug48  Orlando
24"Stonehenge"  1  12Balam  Manchester
25"[NO TITLE]"  1  5Irina80  Houston
26"Stonehenge"  1  3spidermiss  Leeds
27"Stonehenge"  1  3robertgaz  Bunbury
28"Stonehenge: Place of wonder"  2  2deeper_blue  Manchester
29"Mysterious Stonehenge"  1  2Pawtuxet  Rhode Island
30"Stonehenge"  2  3Rachael71  United Kingdom
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