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1"Wimbledon - Home of The Championships"  14  41alucas   Essex
2"Home to the famous Lawn Tennis Grand Slam"  6  8jo104   Sri Lanka
3"Wimbledon Tennis - page under construction"  4  6elucas   England
4"Wimbledon Tennis"  9  10LondonChris   London
5"Our Home Town"  4  9kim_shell   Wimbledon
6"Wimbledon Championships 2004-2006"  3  20barryg23  Ealing
7"Wimbledon Lawn Tennis 2003."  2  12A2002  Singapore
8"Wimbledon"  6  12Janani  London
9"The World's Most Famous Tennis Courts"  2  17Confucius  Beijing
10"The Wombles of Wimbledon!"  32  101Jenniflower  Greater London
11"Where is Anna?"  1  2mht_in_la  Los Angeles