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1"York"  94  414ettiewyn   Germany
2"York - potential capital of the north"  82  119Britannia2   Swanland
3"The Old Capital of the North"  47  95barryg23   Ealing
4"History and shopping."  40  93leics    Leicester
5"Eboracum"  33  108Balam   Manchester
6"York - a standout amongst the pretenders"  37  50iandsmith  Moonee Beach
7"YORK - 2000 YEARS OF HISTORY"  20  154LoriPori  Windsor
8"Jorvic"  24  100Myfanwe  Cardiff
9"York-an excellent day trip from London"  24  46Dabs  Chicago
10"THE WHITE ROSE CITY"  22  124DAO  Wakefield
11"York...Capital of the North."  18  21lou31  Mackay
12"A Visit to York"  14  22Goner  Portsmouth
13"York: One of My Favorite Cities"  26  73Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
14"York - Beautiful and Blurred"  25  58sabsi  Düsseldorf
15""Old" York -- great history, great for walking"  16  17londonlover  Chicago
16"A WET DAY IN YORK"  37  95balhannah  Brisbane
17"York...Even Constantine The Great Called It Home"  10  11tpal  Buffalo
18"York - The historic city"  13  19HORSCHECK  Germany
19"The Romans are coming"  11  21northeast80  Bristol
20"York's Beauty"  12  22tvor  Halifax
21"Jorvik"  38  135spidermiss  Leeds
22"Ben-UK's York page"  10  12Ben-UK  Manchester
23"Trip Back in Time!"  8  23carfan  Dunfermline
24"Historical York"  18  17hayward68  Toronto
25"Friends, Romans, Yorkshiremen..."  9  6Orbital_  Beverley
26"York, Jorvik, Eboracum..."  53  59Sjalen  Sweden
27"You Won't Be Bored in Ebor!"  39  79yooperprof  Marquette
28"York, England"  8  8mdchachi  Michigan
29"York"  35  44sandysmith  West Kirby
30"York"  8  58Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
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