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1"York"  94  414ettiewyn   Germany
2"York - potential capital of the north"  87  130Britannia2   Swanland
3"The Old Capital of the North"  47  95barryg23   Ealing
4"History and shopping."  40  93leics   Leicester
5"Eboracum"  33  108Balam   Manchester
6"York - a standout amongst the pretenders"  37  50iandsmith  Moonee Beach
7"YORK - 2000 YEARS OF HISTORY"  20  154LoriPori  Windsor
8"Jorvic"  24  100Myfanwe  Cardiff
9"York-an excellent day trip from London"  30  47Dabs  Chicago
10"THE WHITE ROSE CITY"  22  124DAO  Wakefield
11"A WET DAY IN YORK"  37  95balhannah  Brisbane
12"York...Capital of the North."  18  21lou31  Mackay
13"A Visit to York"  14  22Goner  Portsmouth
14"York: One of My Favorite Cities"  26  73Tom_Fields  Washington D.C.
15"York - Beautiful and Blurred"  25  58sabsi  Düsseldorf
16""Old" York -- great history, great for walking"  16  17londonlover  Chicago
17"York...Even Constantine The Great Called It Home"  10  11tpal  Buffalo
18"York - The historic city"  13  19HORSCHECK  Germany
19"Jorvik"  52  193spidermiss  Leeds
20"The Romans are coming"  11  21northeast80  Bristol
21"York's Beauty"  12  22tvor  Halifax
22"Ben-UK's York page"  10  12Ben-UK  Manchester
23"Historical York"  18  17hayward68  Toronto
24"Trip Back in Time!"  8  23carfan  Dunfermline
25"York, Jorvik, Eboracum..."  53  59Sjalen  Sweden
26"You Won't Be Bored in Ebor!"  39  79yooperprof  Marquette
27"York, England"  8  8mdchachi  Michigan
28"Friends, Romans, Yorkshiremen..."  9  6Orbital_  Beverley
29"York"  35  44sandysmith  West Kirby
30"York"  8  58Kuznetsov_Sergey  Moscow
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