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1"Totally Corked"  45  70Ekaterinburg   Cork
2"Cork - The Rebel City"  44  145Airpunk   Mainz
3"Colourful Corcaigh"  25  115evaanna   Poland
4"First time in Cork - Make A Wish!"  27  113suvanki   Sheffield
5"Corcaigh"  16  58Tripack   Switzerland
6"Corcaigh= Cork"  13  24roamingpaddy  Cork
7"Cork ~ Green to Gold"  13  19aaaarrgh  Cardiff
8"Challenger's Cork Page"  15  21challenger  Cork
9"POP YOUR OWN CORK"  12  68DAO  Wakefield
10"Cork - A hilly city"  14  16HORSCHECK  Germany
11"Cork"  8  23Dabs  Chicago
12"the gift of the gab"  8  9ettenaj  Bolton
13"Cork city"  6  7gueto  Dublin
14"Cork Ireland - Base for our County Cork Adventure"  7  22littlesam1  Baltimore
15"City of Spires"  8  15SabrinaSummerville  Waterford
16"3rd Largest Physically but #1 in Heart"  10  3WhispersWest  Tucson
17"Cork"  10  11Rachael71  United Kingdom
18"Cork - the big city - to the East"  5  28songlines  Skibbereen
19"Cork Jazz Fest Visit"  10  5twojazztravelers  Dallas
20"CORK (THE BEST CITY IN IRELAND)"  14  42stemc  Newton-le-Willows
21"Cork"  4  5SarahEire  Limerick
22"Cork City"  4  5Del.  Youghal
23"Cork"  2  2Krumlovgirl  Irvine
24"Cork - Home of the Blarney Stone"  7  8herzog63  Kodiak
25"Cork, Ireland"  2  18SWFC_Fan  Sheffield
26"Vt meeting Cork"  7  82dila  Amsterdam
27"My new home"  9  8abelliot  West Saint Paul
28"Cork"  2  2ZiOOlek  Warsaw
29"[NO TITLE]"  3socheid  Liverpool
30"Around Cork"  2  5PippaFoxen  Namhae
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