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1"Ultra Trendy Capital City"  154  208IrishFem   Dublin
2"Dublin"  86  87acemj   Philadelphia
3"Great place - but not the real Ireland"  86  72sourbugger   County Galway
4"Dublin - The Windy City!!"  57  95Mariajoy   East Sussex
5"My first trip to Ireland!"  51  148Jefie   Quebec
6"Dirty old town"  53  52Ruai  Dublin
7"The GREAT city of Dublin"  149  158Kentbein  Middleburg
8"Dublin"  48  109Dabs  Chicago
9"Just back from Dublin 2004 !"  78  80Kodi01  Dallas
10"The craic is ninety!"  54  79lbhspatriot  Warsaw
11"Dublin"  37  201MalenaN  Europe
12"DUBLIN"  59  116hevbell  Ayr
13"~~~~~DUBLIN~~~~~"  40  42cazz38  Devon
14"Dublin... The agony and the ectasy"  30  41Cruefan  Easthampton
15"tvdm's Doables on Dirty but Dazzling Dublin!"  55  63tvdm  Amsterdam
16"Georgian Gems and a Burgeoning Craft Beer Scene"  55  127yooperprof  Marquette
17"Dublin - A Musical City!"  47  203suvanki  Sheffield
18"Orlikins sa bhaile"  102  127orlikins  Dublin
19"Ireland's Fair Capital City."  32  80SabrinaSummerville  Waterford
20"dublin"  32  34doug48  Orlando
21"My beloved Dublin!"  29  30Mahieu  Belfast
22"BACK TO DUBLIN"  54  94lina112  Málaga
23"Dublin - Two Days Not Enough Time"  28  92Mikebb  Perth
24"Green Charm"  30  49agarcia  Madrid
25"Door Very Stiff: Please Pull Hard"  42  69cjg1  New York City
26"A brief guide to"  25  20Buckz  Dublin
27"Dublin - things to do"  86  78don1dublin  Dublin
28"My second home"  25  20kentishgirl  London
29"last known address: 5, Castle Lane, Dublin 2"  45  103call_me_rhia  Europe
30"Capital of the Republic of Ireland"  20  47BillNJ  Red Bank
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